Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is Norovirus?

Image via NPR

Norovirus is a virus that we should all be watching out for in the next couple months. A new strain is causing many to get sick with the "stomach flu." In fact, this virus is the most common cause of the winter stomach flu. Norovirus does NOT cause respiratory symptoms but can be a result of food poisoning.

You can catch norovirus by a number of ways: person to person contact, indirect contact by touching contaminated surfaces, and even through air droplets. Norovirus can live on surfaces for a LONG time, making it even harder to avoid. You only need to be exposed to a few particles to catch the disease!

So what can you do? Just like with the flu- WASH YOUR HANDS. When you are in public, avoid touching your face (mouth and eyes especially) after touching random surfaces. Carry around hand sanitizers and wash your hands before eating or right when you get home. If you are sick with the stomach flu- PLEASE stay at home, rest, and stay hydrated. Clean surfaces with LYSOL disinfectant as this will kill norovirus.

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