Monday, February 4, 2013

Best Pink Lipstick for Indian / Asian skin!

Nude Lipstick Indian South Asian

Wearing NYX lipstick in Pumpkin Pie. Cheap, creamy, hydrating, pigmented. What is not to love? 
In searching for a few nude/ pink lipsticks, I notice that the pinks tend to transfer as a  little purple on me. However, as long as there is a hint of peach or warmth - the color looks great. 

NYX lipsticks are cheap and get the job done. I have been carrying this around when I don't want to wear my more expensive MAC and Nars lippies. I got this on sale at ULTA and thought it would be too light on me, but to my surprise it looks great! 

I also tried NYX Perfect - but it looked too mauve - which is a look that I despise! The same happened with NYX B52. Mac Please Me looked too bumble gum pink and NOT professional at all. MAC freckletone was too shear for my pigmented lips. Mac Cosmo also came off too mauve.

So if your coloring is similar to mine... Here are a few lipsticks I can recommend:

1. NYX Pumpkin Pie
2. Mac Half and Half
3. Nars Blonde Venus

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