Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ombre Hair on Indian or Asian Hair!

I recently got asked by a local salon to be a hair model. I jumped at the idea of trying a new style! During the consultation, they recommended that I try the Ombre Hair style. I've seen Ombre done great and very poorly, so took some time to do research on this hair style. Speaking with the owner at the salon, she told me why Ombre is hot right now.... One - since the color is on the bottom, you don't have to get touch ups like traditional highlights. Two- The hair is protected from the elements a little more on the underside and therefore will not fade or get damaged as quickly. Three - Ombre hair can look natural and gorgeous if done right. This is a style that i suggest you do NOT do at home - as you don't want to end up with the dipped in look. Here are some pictures of ombre colored celebs. I will post up pics when I get the coloring done!

A great video on Ombre done on gorgeous Asian hair. I would love if my hair looked like this!

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