Monday, December 8, 2014

Bonobos Winter Style Challenge: Suits for Men

I am not fashion person at all, so when Bonobos clothing contacted me to take part in the Winter Style Challenge, I was hesitant. I hate dressing trendy, buying pieces that will only last one session, or are just not meant for my body type. What I do love are classic pieces, clothes that flatter your shape and not just a hefty price tag to show off some name brand.

Bonobos created a line of classic men's suits, and I thought- what better to compliment a classic black suit than with a little black dress. This Friday, my husband and I will be attending a Winter gala, while he will be rocking a classic black suit, I will be busting out my little black dress :-). Oh, BTW this will be the first time getting all fancy again after having my baby! Fingers crossed that it will fit!

Here are some little black dresses than I am loving... These would compliment your date very well if they were wearing a classic Black suit from Bonobos!