Friday, February 8, 2013

Dr. Ben Carson Prayer Speech

What an inspirational man!  Truly a great role model for all in modern society. Let's all take the time to remember the things that really matter in life. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Indian Bride: Sari or Wedding Dress?

For every Indian bride,  there comes a moment when we need to decide whether we are going to wear a traditional Indian Sari ( not pictured :-) ) or an American wedding dress. The decision is a very personal one and depends on your own preferences. I for one chose to walk down the aisle in a wedding dress- I could have never pictured myself wearing anything else! My dress- seen above- was the Pronovias Gaudi 2010 dress made in Barcelona, Spain and I absolutely loved it. This one shoulder gown was classic and unique at the same time. Wearing Indian clothes frequently, I was not about the glitz - but rather the construction and fit of the gown.

Being 100% Malayalee and Roman Catholic, my wedding ceremony was in a church. I did receive a special sari - called a Manthakodi from my hubby and made an appearance in it at the reception.

Shopping for Petites 2013!

Shopping as a petite can be a less than easy task! I used to shop at all stores, not really cognizant of what a good fit really means. I would shop at stores like Express and the Limited, as that is what my friends did. Now that I have become more aware of my fashion blunders, I have begun to shop smarter.

Here are a few stores that are great for fun-sized women on a budget!

- Ann Taylor: Always keep an eye out for sales. Great for work dresses, classic pumps that are comfortable, jewerly, and belts. Also good for silk tops.

- Ann Taylor Loft: Their pants are exceptional. Also like Loft's sweater dresses and cardigans. Some of the clothes are defiantly not for women in their 20's though!

- Banana Republic: I actually prefer Banana Republic Outlets to the regular stores. They always carry 00p and 0p in stock. Great for classic work dresses and ruffly tops!

- H&M: I am not a fan of wearing trendy clothes UNLESS it is for a night out. But... I am loving H&M's work section. They always have cute blouses. I size 2 fits like a 00 or 0p. I am not a fan of their dresses because I am definitely not a size 2 EU on the bottom. H&M also has cute bags and accessories.

- Forever XXI: I only shop here for dresses for a night out and cheap costume jewelry.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opprotunity for Women

A must watch documentary! Although the recent events in India may have come and gone, this is a problem that has been around forever. Ignorance is bliss...  talent is abundant but opportunity is not.

Cheap Alternative to the Clarasonic!

Here is a secret that could save you a lot of money!

I heard that this little gadget is very popular and very expensive! I for one love finding cheap alternatives that get the job done just as well or even better.

All you need is

              1. Un- coated Aspirin
              2. Water
              3. Honey
              4. Jojoba Oil

Dissolve the Aspirin - Maybe 3-4 in a LITTLE bit of water and mix with honey to make a thicker consistency. Rub gently on your face to exfoliate, smooth skin, treat with anti- inflammatory, and reduce pores. Follow up treatment with a little dab of Jojoba Oil. There you are! A simple and cost effective solution to clear skin.

Best Pink Lipstick for Indian / Asian skin!

Nude Lipstick Indian South Asian

Wearing NYX lipstick in Pumpkin Pie. Cheap, creamy, hydrating, pigmented. What is not to love? 
In searching for a few nude/ pink lipsticks, I notice that the pinks tend to transfer as a  little purple on me. However, as long as there is a hint of peach or warmth - the color looks great. 

NYX lipsticks are cheap and get the job done. I have been carrying this around when I don't want to wear my more expensive MAC and Nars lippies. I got this on sale at ULTA and thought it would be too light on me, but to my surprise it looks great! 

I also tried NYX Perfect - but it looked too mauve - which is a look that I despise! The same happened with NYX B52. Mac Please Me looked too bumble gum pink and NOT professional at all. MAC freckletone was too shear for my pigmented lips. Mac Cosmo also came off too mauve.

So if your coloring is similar to mine... Here are a few lipsticks I can recommend:

1. NYX Pumpkin Pie
2. Mac Half and Half
3. Nars Blonde Venus