Thursday, February 7, 2013

Indian Bride: Sari or Wedding Dress?

For every Indian bride,  there comes a moment when we need to decide whether we are going to wear a traditional Indian Sari ( not pictured :-) ) or an American wedding dress. The decision is a very personal one and depends on your own preferences. I for one chose to walk down the aisle in a wedding dress- I could have never pictured myself wearing anything else! My dress- seen above- was the Pronovias Gaudi 2010 dress made in Barcelona, Spain and I absolutely loved it. This one shoulder gown was classic and unique at the same time. Wearing Indian clothes frequently, I was not about the glitz - but rather the construction and fit of the gown.

Being 100% Malayalee and Roman Catholic, my wedding ceremony was in a church. I did receive a special sari - called a Manthakodi from my hubby and made an appearance in it at the reception.

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  1. You look a bit like Salma Hayek. Gorgeous wedding gown! I am getting married next year and looking for a gown like that.


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