Friday, April 5, 2013

My Makeup must haves Part 2!

After much delay (sorry!).... Here is Part 2 of my makeup must haves!

See part 1.

5. Nars Bronzer in Laguna and Casino
- I use Casino, which is darker, for contouring 
- Laguna is great for a lighter, glowy, tan look
- quite expensive but lasts a very long time and looks natural 

6. Mac Blush is Pink Swoon
- I am not a fan of too rosy cheeks, so this is the perfect blush for me
- It may not show up on skin tones darker than mine
- light transparent pinky blush that adds just a hint of flush to the cheeks

7. Mac Concealer in NC25
- Great coverage for under eye dark circles
- although the pot looks small, there is a lot of product!

8. Smashbox Browtech 
- I love love love this product... Who knew that perfect eyebrows could make a huge difference in the way your eyes look! When I first discovered this product, I was unsure how to use it without looking like a clown. However, now that I have been playing around with it for years, I could not live without it. The key is to have the right brush - an angled brush- and to start at the arch of your brow. Don't go too heavy on the inside corner or outside tail of your brow. You want to fill in brows and slightly elongate. 

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