Thursday, September 6, 2012

Shhh!!! It's a beauty secret! - Castor Oil

I'm going to let you all in on a new found secret- Castor Oil! I was doing some research to look into a product that makes hair shiny, healthy, and have better growth. I think I may have found it. If it works anything like Jojoba Oil, then it is bound to be a success. The first time I heard about castor oil was on a TV show saying that castor oil can be used as a heat protector when styling your hair. However, after doing more research on this- I found that this oil has other amazing benefits.

I love visiting - as they have never failed me in choosing the right products and discovered that castor oil has gotten INCREDIBLE reviews.
Some of the claims include - increasing rate of hair growth, producing thicker and darker hair strands, growing eyelashes further than ever before, and thicker eyebrows. Other things that it is good for is sealing the ends of your hair to prevent split ends.

Castor Oil is very cheap and comes in many forms - as an oil in the laxative section, Jamaican Black Oil, and as a cold compress that melts easily in your hands. It does not seem to matter which form you use.

I have started to use this product this week and will keep you all updated on how it is working!

Has anyone else tried this?


  1. hey gal found ur blog thru lancy's blog...loving it totally.....where is ur GFC so that I can follow get more updates from u.


  2. Hi Smita,

    Thanks for the comment! I am new to blogging so I have yet to discover everything! I think you can add my page now by clicking on the black bar on the right!

    Hope that helps!

  3. I love your blog. I am in the process of trying your latest one. i will keep you posted. Wish me luck, i can really use some healthy hair. Thanks for the great ideas.


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