Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At home solutions: Aspirin Scrub

Looking for a product that has the effects of an anti-acne product and microdermabrasion? Look no further than your medicine cabinet. Aspirin works by inhibiting inflammation, and the same effect can be seen by rubbing it on your face. 

Creating an aspirin mask is simple. Buy some aspirin that is un-coated and  let it break up in water- how much you use depends on how big the tablets are, but 4-5 should be sufficient. Add honey or lemon juice as desired. Rub the product on to your face and gently scrub away- using caution in sensitive areas such as right under the eyes. The scrub can even be used on your lips and neck. 

What you will be left with is softer, less inflamed skin. Use of an aspirin mask will depend on the condition of your skin. I try to do this about once a month. Always put some type of moisturizer (like Jojoba Oil) on after using this mask/ scrub.

Has anyone else tried this? 

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