Friday, July 18, 2014

GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax Kit Review

I recently purchased the GiGi Brazilian Hard Wax kit, and not for the bikini area. I have been suffering from dark underarms and wanted to switch to waxing to prevent any further damage from shaving.
I bought my kit off of for a great price. The kit came with an instructional DVD on how to Brazilian wax, Wax sticks,  jar of hard wax, and a warmer with lid. It also came with a gel to place on the area before waxing, as well as a lotion for post waxing.

So far I have been loving it. I have been using it for the past 3 months. The waxing technique has taken some time to master but I am slowly starting to get it down. I also am becoming better at not wasting any precious hard wax. The pre epilation oil works great and I can honestly say that waxing your underarms with this kit DOES NOT HURT ONE BIT. I have never waxed this area before, so I don't have much to compare it to. I haven't needed to use the post wax cooling gel, but I am sure it would come in handy for the more sensitive bikini area.
The only negative about waxing that I have found is that you have to let the hairs grow to a decent length in order to wax again. It can be very tempting to do a quick shave when you have a special event, but I know this will be counter productive with the lightening process.
Other things I am trying to help lighten my underarms include exfoliation, baking soda scrubs, and lemon juice. Being prego doesn't help with the hyper-pigmentation... but we will see my progress in the months to come!

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